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Giga-Corp > Products > Q14SA
Giga-Corp > Produits > Q14SA

Product Overview
As storage trends evolve and users look towards emerging connectivity options such as SAS and SATA II, QuadraPack has again raised the bar with the release of QuadraPack™ Q14. Following in the success of the 3.5" product line, the QuadraPack™ Q14 is the industry's first removable storage enclosure designed to house four (4) 2.5" hard drives and is to be mounted in a single 5.25" drive bay which typically is what's left within a PC, Server, or rackmount for device expansion.

QuadraPack has worked closely with leading hard drive manufacturers of Enterprise-grade 2.5" disk drives, such as Fujitsu and Seagate, to develop a non-proprietary 2.5" multi-drive storage backplane designed for next generation dense storage & embedded applications. The modular design and interface options allow OEMs, System Integrators and VARs to offer more capacity with less enclosure real-estate.Built from solid cold-rolled steel and durable ABS materials, the QuadraPack™ Q14 provides a compact & rugged drive housing well suited for a wide variety of storage applications. QuadraPack™ Q14 features a precision crafted multi-layered PCB backplane to ensure high data integrity, and minimize signal degradation. Equipped with a hi-speed 9500RPM double roll ball-bearing cooling fan and operating at temperature less than 40 degrees, , the Q14 can greatly reduce heat build-up, even when deployed with four 10K enterprise SCSI disk drives.

Solid Cold-rolled Steel Construction
“One-touch” Push Button Tray Lock/Removable Design
Integrated High-speed Cooling Fan
Precision Crafted Multi-layered PCB
Cable-less Drive Connector
Activity LEDs for HDD Access and Disk Present Notification
Includes Interconnect Cables and Mounting Hardware
Validated by leading HBA and HDD manufacturers


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