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Giga-Corp > Products > MR320SCA
Giga-Corp > Produits > MR320SCA

Mil-grade all-aluminum (StorCase OEM) Mobile Rack for SCSI Ultra 320 SCA Interface for 80-pin SCA harddrives. Backplane is 68-pin for SCSI-320 ribbon cables, connected to 68-pin controllers on cards and/or motherboards. With Temperature Sensor and Buzzer Alarm. Two cooling fans. LEDs indicators for drive power and data activity. Security lock required to insert, power on, and remove the hard drive tray.

RoHS Compliance Version: Yes
Standard Drive Bays: 5.25” Drive: 1
Cooling Fan: 2x 40mm TopTech 4010M12C
Interface: Ultra 320 SCA Interface (SCA 80/68 pin)
Materials: All Aluminum Design
Color: Black
SCSI ID: SCSI ID Display 0-F
Weight: 4.0 lbs
Dimensions: 146mm(W) 42mm(H) 250mm(D)

A—SCSI Ultra 320 SCA Interface for 80-pin SCA harddrives (SCA 80/68 pin)
B—All SCSI SCA 80-pin 3.5" HDD supported
C—2 Cooling fans Front and Rear
D—LEDs for Power, Temperature, HDD Data and Fan sensor
E—Mil-Grade all-aluminum frame and tray
F—Temperature Sensor and Alarm
G—Can detect HDD overheating
H—Hot swappable, Hot Pluggable
I—Display SCSI ID 0123456789ABCDEF


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