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We know it can be a challenge to implement TCO practices in a way that actually reduces cost. Giga-Corp solutions can help bridge the implementation gap through the use of technology, improved processes, and subject matter experts.

Our goal is to create financial advantage for our customers. We're committed to delivering a total cost of ownership that's among the industry's lowest, while providing the highest-value IT solution.

Increase revenue by reducing total cost of ownership
It’s ironic that as the price of system hardware drops, the real cost of owning and maintaining PC systems continues to rise. Industry experts estimate that purchase price accounts for only twenty percent of the total cost of ownership for personal computer systems. Learn how you can increase revenue by reducing the hidden costs of ownership for your IT resources.

Total cost of ownership—save money today and tomorrow
There's a lot of noise in the world around you affecting the strategic decisions you make today. Corporate mergers and acquisitions…market conditions that constantly change…industry efforts to attract and retain critical technical staff…internal pressures to reduce IT costs. Strategic planning for your IT resources has never been so involved.

You know that the price tag is only one way to measure the cost and weigh the real value of your IT resources. But do you realize the drastic impact other factors have on the real cost of your IT resources?

It costs more than the price tag says
GartnerGroup estimates that purchase price accounts for 20 percent or less of the total cost of ownership for a personal computer system. Ironically, though the price of system hardware has dropped, the real cost of owning and maintaining PC systems continues to rise. Industry experts say that a fully-loaded PC system could cost more than $10,000 (US) yearly to support and maintain—over and above its initial purchase price.

Companies spend approximately 4.5 percent of their total annual revenue on IT, according to GartnerGroup. To enjoy a higher profit margin and continue to grow your business, you must decrease your spending or increase your revenue. Research shows that to make a profit, you have to increase revenue by $100 (US) to return $7.50—but you only have to decrease your spending by $1 to realize gain of the same amount.

Scrutinizing your IT resources to find the best ways to control cost means that you have to get the facts about the real cost of owning and managing your IT systems.

Protect your business from hidden costs
Total cost of ownership includes direct costs—easily recognized and tracked—and indirect costs. Indirect IT costs actually have a bigger impact on your bottom line than direct costs, though it's harder to determine and measure them.

Direct IT costs include routine expenses for capital expenditures, labor, consulting fees, outsourcing, initial purchase prices, upgrades and maintenance.

Indirect costs cover an assortment of items you have to consider to assure optimal operation of your enterprise. These include:

  • Time your employees spend trying to support their own systems and their neighbors' systems
  • Down time
  • Insufficient IT support
  • Planned and unplanned outages
  • Securing systems against tampering and theft
  • Tracking assets for inventory and accounting
  • Preparing systems for business use
  • Customizing applications for your system
  • Customizing systems for various users
  • Integrating systems with your enterprise
  • Upgrading for more functionality
  • Protecting from viruses
  • Recovering from common failures or disaster
  • Retiring your older systems

Your organization may be operating at half capacity
Many businesses and organizations are operating with severe unefficiency. They are struggling day by day thru molasses when it should be water. The following can waste as much as half the working day-- this means employees can do their daily tasks in half the time, or do twice as much work in the same day on the same pay. Inefficiencies include:

Use of floppy disks: Floppy disks are 1000% slower than shared network drivespace, and are only 50% reliable. Networked drivespace gives security, can be accessed anywhere instantly, and is backed up automatically.

Use of Windows95, Windows98, WindowsMe: These are home operating systems that offer no security and little reliability for business computing. Program crashes, lost files, are common symptoms. Windows NT/2000 is the world's business operating system.

Use of obselete equipment: New technology is the cheapest investment that can be made to a business. A new computer can help a paid employee do up to 300% more work on the same salary. If work isn't getting finished on time, you either need to make current employees work faster, or hire more slow employees.

Poor Cabling Installations: Network cables poorly installed by non-certified workmanship will stop everything from working correctly, no matter how good the rest of the equipment is.

Absense of battery back up units: Newer technology is more sensitive to "dirty" electricity. Your toaster oven can work on voltage that varies between 100-120volts, but not your computer. Unprotected equipment can fail as often as many times a day. Computer glitches, disconnected networks, are common symptoms.

Absense of an automated back up: Human error is more deadly than computer viruses, accidental database deletions are common, and can cause years of work to vanish forever. If your business does not have an automated backup storage system, then you risk losing your entire business -- to go out of business.

Absense of an Anti-Virus for Networks: Individually installed anti-virus programs on each computer in an office is time consuming, updates are neglected, and can cause more damage if a false sense of hope is made to the end user. An automated Anti-Virus server will filter email, web, and files for viruses without the help of the user, including smart self-updating.

Building a Bullet-proof network
It doesn't take much to build a solid and reliable network that will allow your business to prosper into the next few years to come. Here are samples of some of the ingredients that build up to a good environment. Note how one solution is a subset that is encompassed by another one. (ESP=Estimated Street Price, singular products costs only, does not include labour and support fees)

Certified network cabling
Bell Entourage, $110 per outlet.

Managed Network Switch
Intel 460T Fast Ethernet Switch 24-ports, ESP $1475.00

Protected Battery Backup
APC BackUPS Office BK350, ESP $125 per computer.

Shared Network Drivespace
Quantum 20Gb Snap Server, ESP $800.00

Shared Network Backup Software
Veritas Backup Exec Pro, ESP $150.00

Anti-Virus for Networks
Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition 07-00-03039 10-users, ESP $825.00

Business Operation Systems (for existing machines):
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0, ESP $280.00 per computer.

Business Computer Systems (for new Installs):
IBM NetVista PC with Windows2000, ESP from $1300.00

Business Operating Server (for existing machines):
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 227-01439, ESP $1100

Business Operating Server (for managed security):
IBM Netfinity x-Series Servers with MS Windows 2000 Server, ESP $2100.00

Permanent Internet Connection:
Commercial High Speed Internet, ESP from $80.00/mth
Commercial ISDN Internet, ESP from $110.00/mth

Internet Sharing Device and Firewall:
Netgear Internet Router RT314, ESP $300.00

(ESP=Estimated Street Price, singular products costs only, does not include labour and support fees)


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