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Gigagon Data Corporation
tel.(514)624-7787 fax.(514)620-2093
tel.(514)990-7787 fax.(514)620-2093
Storage Products
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2. VISA Payment Information
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Billing charges will appear on your statement as ''MENDAX MICRO 1-800-963-6329"

3.Provide us with your Contact Information
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 <We ship only to credit card billing address. If different ship address is required, please contact us.>

4. Fax this information to our secure faxserver
If you can send a fax directly from your computer: go to File, Print, and then choose the correct printer driver, and then fax us this completed form to (514)620-2093.

If you cannot send faxes straight from your computer, print out this web form to your printer, include your signature, an fax it to (514)620-2093.

When you send fax to us, you are getting a dedicated fax-to-pc telco connection directly to our secure faxserver. You will receive a confirmation by email, it will also include the order's exact total that was billed to your credit card.

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