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We know it can be a challenge to implement TCO practices in a way that actually reduces cost. Giga-Corp solutions can help bridge the implementation gap through the use of technology, improved processes, and subject matter experts.

Our goal is to create financial advantage for our customers. We're committed to delivering a total cost of ownership that's among the industry's lowest, while providing the highest-value IT solution.

We exist in a world that redefines itself each and every day, a world that reinvents itself on its own, without limits, boundless. Give yourself the unlimited power to break all the rules. Give yourself the choice to make the new standard. One Network. One standard.

Server Sales
tel.:(514)392-9111 Ext.1187

XSP Appliance Servers
Giga-Corp/Mendax offers custom designed servers and appliances so you can have file and print sharing, your own web-based email post office, your set of web transaction servers for your internet store, that are easy to use, and cheap to operate.

In today's information age, the challenge is to create a world where information is both affordable and accessible. Servers have become the vital link for connecting people together to achieve these objectives. Mendax understands that people are not just "end-users" of technology. Indeed, people are the network where ideas start, where improvements are made and opportunities are created.

Mendax Microsystems' goal is to not only to deliver reliable products to connect the world together but also to inform everyone of their functionality and purpose; because the more we understand together, the faster we can advance.

Mendax Microsystems' goal of growing your company is reflected in its slogan: Helping you build your business 1U at a time. Today, Mendax Microsystems is a leader in its community for building and maintaining a full line of x86 based servers. Tomorrow, we will take out the mysteries behind server functionalities, server-based telephone systems, we will build a simple network area storage (NAS) servers, and develop with our partners many other innovative products that will allow you to do more - in less time, giving you the ability to go home and spend the rest of the day with your family and friends.

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