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Giga-Corp > Products > Mobile Racks > Q34
Giga-Corp > Produits > Stockage > Q34

QuadraPack™ Q34 Backplane

QuadraPack™ Q34 is the first multi-drive enclosure to combine the latest advances in next generation storage interfaces. Available in Serial ATA, Ultra320 SCSI, and UltraDMA133, the QuadraPack™ series is precision engineered with features that place it ahead of competition by providing the highest performance when used in applications where drive capacity exceeds drive bay availability.

  • Serial ATA interface
  • Fits four 1" HDDs into three 5.25" bays
  • Supports up to 15,000 RPM HDDs
  • Compact form factor ideal for dense storage applications
  • Install four drives in three industry standard bays
  • Aluminum housing w/ Hi-RPM thermal controlled blower
  • Comprehensive audible and visual environmental alarm
  • Hot-Swap feature for supporting interfaces
  • Microprocessor controlled sequential drive power-up
  • Auxillary 3.3V power source for additional SATA devices


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