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Gigagon Data Corporation

Storage Products

Manufacturers' Product Pages

  1. KF Product Information
  2. RH Product Information
  3. SI Product Information
  4. SNT Product Information
  5. Kingston Data Express Product Information

Detailed Measurements and Specifications of Specific Models

  1. 6511 External SCSI Enclosure
  2. AA-131A
  3. AA-132A
  4. AA-133A
  5. AC5251 Thermal Sensing System
  6. AC52F1 Thermal Sensing System
  7. AC52F2 Thermal Sensing System
  8. AC52F4 Thermal Sensing System
  9. Aluminum vs. Plastic
  10. BPA004 4 Bay Internal Chassis Unit
  11. BPA006 6 Bay Internal Chassis Unit
  12. BPG RAID Ready Backplanes
  13. BT-10AE
  14. BT-10AF
  15. BT-32AEA
  16. BT-M150
  17. C-134
  18. CD11 Single-Bay
  19. Ci1000F
  20. DAC/SRC RAID Server Cases
  21. E10-CS / E10-PM
  22. EE5765 8+1 Bay External RAID Enclosure
  23. EE5865 8 Bay External RAID Enclosure,
  24. EE7023 2 Bay Mirroring
  25. EE7053 5 Bay Entry Level RAID Subsystem
  26. HDD Bracket
  27. HDD Cooler
  28. KF-21-IPF
  29. KF-22-IPF
  30. KF-23-IPF
  31. LC-803 speakers
  32. MR-25.1
  33. MR-25.2
  34. MR-26A
  35. MR-27A
  36. MR-320SCA
  37. Q14
  38. Q34
  39. R16 / R16-IS
  40. RH-06A
  41. RH-10A
  42. RH-17A
  43. RH-30A
  44. RH-32A
  45. RH-40A
  46. RH-57A
  48. RH-
  49. RM2170 ATX RAID Server Case
  50. RM9600 ATX RAID Server Case
  51. S23
  52. S34
  53. S35
  54. Server Cooler
  55. SI-024A
  56. SI-115A
  57. SI-117A
  58. SI-125A
  59. SI-125L
  60. SI-126U3
  61. SI-130A
  62. SI-130WS
  63. SI-130L
  64. SI-131W
  65. SI-136L
  66. SI-136W
  67. SI-144L
  68. SI-145L
  69. SI-146A
  70. SI-151SS
  71. SI-153SCA
  72. SK-12A
  73. SNT-101A
  74. SNT-102A
  75. SNT-105A
  76. SNT-107AF
  77. SNT-125 SATA
  78. SNT-126
  79. SNT-127A
  80. SNT-129A
  81. SNT-139A
  82. SNT-169A
  83. SNT-169U3W
  84. SNT-169
  85. SNT-179
  86. SNT-2501USB
  87. SNT: Important install tip
  88. SP-120 speakers
  89. SP-200 speakers
  90. SP-400 speakers
  91. SP-500 speakers
  92. SP-650 speakers
  93. SW-4300 speakers
  94. Unsorted Gallery of Removable Drive Frames

Q: What are installation requirements?
A: An entire kit is to be installed in any available 5.25" bay, just like installing another CD-ROM, or an old 5.25" floppy drive! Cooling is important, poor air ventilation will turn your caddy into an oven, trapping the heat from the hard drive. This is specially noted for 7200rpm drives. You want adequate air flow of fresh air coming outside from the front of the desktop computer, sucked thru the air gap of the frame and caddy, and drawn out thru the rear of the computer. The fan found inside all power supplies should be drawing air from inside the case, out thru the rear of the computer.

Q: How do I know my hard drive isn't overheating?
A: Check your computer after being powered on for 30 minutes. The hard drive is allowed to be very warm, but not hot to the point so you can't touch it. You can remove the top cover of the sled. If this still doesn't solve it, you may need to install a secondary cooling fan to draw air out of the case. Most desktop cases have space to mount extra fans. If in doubt, always purchase the removable drive with the built-in cooling fan. You can also mount harddisk cooling fans on another empty 5.25" bay on top of the mobile rack, to draw cold air to sweep across the top of the harddisk drive in the sled.

Our Creed of the Mobile Rack
"The RH, SI, and SNT series are the world's three most popular manufactured Mobile Rack. RH, SI, and SNT are available from many vendors worldwide. Buying unbranded and unpopular Mobile Racks can lead your data storage into extinction with proprietary technology. Users often make the mistake in buying unbranded and unpopular Mobile Racks, only to find out shortly that they have been discontinued, or their supplier has gone out of business. Vendors make the mistake in selling the wrong Mobile Rack to users looking for species compatiblity."

The Mobile Rack has many names: Hard Disk Drive Rack, HDD Rack, Drive Frame, Removable Drive Frame, Removable Drive Kit, Data Transporter, Data Carrier, Data Express, Data Silo, Removable Drive Unit -- they all mean the same thing. We have almost a hundred different sku's to choose from, so chances are, we have exactly what you are looking for.

Welcome, to the Ultimate Source for Removable Drive Frames
We are the experts in Removable Storage solutions. Our buyers are Military, Government, Procurement, Schools (Colleges and Universities), Training Centers, Parts Resellers, Business, Data Centers, and the home user. The most common use of the Mobile Rack is the ability to turn any harddrive into a mobile and removable device.

You got it, your harddrive now works like an 8-track cassette, you can plug your harddrive to your pc, load and save from it, and then remove. Sure, we can use opticals and tapes, but nothing beats what a large capacity drive offers in a single "cartridge", enjoying the speeds of reading from drive and writing to it.

What are these?
Are you a purchaser or a procurement officer buying blind? Want to know more about what your engineers are asking you to buy for them?

Lesson#1: See what a Mobile Rack is used for.
Lesson#2: See the parts of a Mobile Rack.
Lesson#3: See how a harddisk is installed in a Mobile Rack.
Lesson#4: Advanced uses of a Mobile Rack.

Popular Product Specifications
Mobile Racks sorted by popular use.
SCSI-50-pin Narrow (SCSI-1, SCSI-2)
SCSI-68-pin Wide (UW/U2W/U160/U320)
SCSI-80-pin SCA (U2W/U160/U320)

Mobile Racks sorted by manufacturer.
BT (Data Castle)
RH (Lian-Li)
SI (Sailing Strong International)
SNT (Sunnytek)

Pricing and Ordering
Our line of hard drive trays include many popular models used, from manufacturers that have been producing their models for many years, a wide selection of tray compatible models means you will never be stuck out in the cold with a proprietary drive sled. A common standard ensures continuous compatibility. Unlike other distributors, we do not re-catalog our stock with new SKU's, available models are in their true original SKU identifier (ie., SI-117A). If you have purchased mobile racks in the past, you can obtain the additional ones you need that have the same male and female counterparts, instead of overhauling all your computers with new mobile racks of another species.

We welcome Corporate, University & College, Government P.O.'s, GPC Visa, and Military IMPAC Procurement.

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