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Our Creed of the Mobile Rack
"The RH, SI, and SNT series are the world's three most popular manufactured Mobile Rack. RH, SI, and SNT are available from many vendors worldwide. Buying any other type can lead your data storage into extinction with proprietary technology. Users often make the mistake in buying unpopular Mobile Racks, only to find out shortly that they have been discontinued, or their supplier has gone out of business."

Manufacturers' Product Pages
> SNT Product Information
> RH Product Information
> SI Product Information
> Kingston Data Express Product Information

Detailed Measurements and Specifications of Specific Models
> SI-115A
> SI-117A
> SI-130WS
> SK-12A
> SNT-101A
> SNT-105A
> SNT-107AF
> SNT-126
> SNT: Important install tip
> RH-06-IDE
> RH-10-IDE
> RH-
> Aluminum vs. Plastic

> Unsorted Gallery of Removable Drive Frames

Q: What are installation requirements?
A: An entire kit is to be installed in any available 5,25" bay, just like installing another CD-ROM, or an old 5,25" floppy drive! Cooling is important, poor air ventilation will turn your caddy into an oven, trapping the heat from the hard drive. This is specially noted for ATA-33/66/100 drives. You want adequate air flow of fresh air coming outside from the front of the desktop computer, sucked thru the air gap of the frame and caddy, and drawn out thru the rear of the computer. The fan found inside all power supplies should be drawing air from inside the case, out thru the rear of the computer.

Q: How do I know my hard drive isn't overheating?
A: Check your computer after being powered on for 30 minutes. The hard drive is allowed to be very warm, but not hot to the point so you can't touch it. You can remove the top cover of the sled. If this still doesn't solve it, you may need to install a secondary cooling fan to draw air out of the case. Most desktop cases have space to mount extra fans. If in doubt, always purchase the removable drive with the built-in cooling fan. You can also mount harddisk cooling fans on another empty 5.25" bay on top of the mobile rack, to draw cold air to sweep across the top of the harddisk drive in the sled.

Lesson #4: Advanced uses of a Mobile Rack.

Parts of a Mobile Rack
In the picture above, seven Mobile Racks are put together in a rackmount case to make up am External RAID Storage System. A RAID is simply a collection of many harddisks put together.

Mobile Racks for the Real World
The most common use of the Mobile Rack is for Servers. A Server, big and small, will use many harddisks at the same time for safety and redundancy. This is also known as a RAID. RAID can be both IDE and SCSI. Although RAID is popular for Servers, they are also found on high-end Workstations. Because Mobile Racks for RAID are harddisk specific, it is important to know the exact harddisk you will be using with these Mobile Racks.

Parts of a Mobile Rack
Above: This is a mini-mini tower for just two SCSI harddrives, with two Mobile Racks. This box connects to a server with an external cable. A minimum of two drives are needed to make a RAID. It can be a good idea to keep SCSI drives in a seperate box away from the Server, since SCSI drives can get very hot, and they are easier to cool when not with the CPU.

Parts of a Mobile Rack
Above: A Compaq Proliant Server with "hot-plug" Mobile Racks. Compaq has five known popular Mobile Racks, 1.6"-SCSI-50-pin, 1.6"-SCSI-68-pin, 1"-SCSI-68-pin, 1"-SCSI-80-pin, 1"-Universal-SCSI-80-pin.


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