Removable HDD Rack, Ultra Wide SCSI interface

  • LCD Display: Clock, Temp. SCSI ID, MTBF, Voltage 
  • FAN Failure Detection and Temperature Alarm 
  • Front SCSI ID Setting 
  • Aluminum Chassis with Forceless Handle
  • Hot Swap: Level 4
  • Multi Mode Interface
    Dimension  234(L)*148(W)*42(H)
    Weight 1050 g
    Temperature Operating     5~60 Degree C        Non-operating  -25~80 Degree C
    Interface Multi mode, support in either SE (Single End) mode, or 
    in LVD (Low Voltage Differential) mode
    HDD Capacity Unlimited
    Power Input +12V DC  +/- 5% ,   +5V DC  +/-  5%
    Power Output +12V DC 4A, +5V DC 3A
    Cooling System Rear  4*4*1 cm  6.8 CFM Cooling Fan 
    Front 4*4*1 cm  6.8 CFM Cooling Fan (Option)
    Humidity Operating          20%~80% 
    Non-operating  15%~90%
    Material Metal ( Aluminum )
    Display LCD Display Clock, Temperature,  SCSI ID, MTBF, Voltage, Fan
    Hot Swap Level 4 , Hot Swap on an active bus. (Bus may have active I/O processes ongoing, but device being inserted of removed must be idle)

    Other Wide SCSI Racks
    DiskSize  Model No  Dimensions  Material  Fan 
    3.5" HDD  SI-024WS  228x149x42mm  Aluminum Frame& Plastic Tray  1 installed 
    SI-125WS  228x149x42mm  Aluminum Frame& Tray 
    SI-126WS  228x149x42mm  Aluminum Frame& Tray 
    SI-130WS  228x149x42mm  Aluminum Frame& Tray 1 installed 
    SI-131WS  234x148x42mm  Aluminum Frame& Tray 1 installed, 2nd optional 
    SI-132WS  234x148x42mm  Aluminum Frame& Tray  2 installed 
    SI-136WS  234x148x42mm  Aluminum Frame& Tray  1 installed 
    SI-145WS  234x148x42mm  Aluminum Frame& Tray  2 installed 
    SI-146WS  234x148x42mm  Aluminum Frame& Tray  1 installed, 2nd optional